Things I need in my life: a video of the time Andy fell down the stairs during Red and Black and Chris singing “Marius what’s wrong today” during it

Game of Thrones business AU: years after Baratheon Industries demolished the corrupt Targaryen corporation, Robert Baratheon (CEO) merges his company with Stark Incorporated, led by his old friend Eddard Stark. But scandalous secrets lie behind the office doors of the business world. What will Eddard discover as the Wolves become one with the Stags?





Then you remember you’re in the les miserables fandom.

oh oh do commitments and phantom and sweeney todd (i'm so greedy, sorry!)

The Commitments:

Opinion on it:
Iol I’m pretty sure everyone knows how much I violently adore this show so, er. yeah I really really like it, it’s super funny and it’s probably my favourite show atm?

Favourite song:
errrrrr, uptight (everything is alright), papa was a rolling stone, heard it through the grapevine, jimmy’s version of mr. pitiful, think, river deep mountain high, erm, all of it?

Favourite scene:
either the first scene in the cafe with Addicted to Love, the “Dean’s been listening to jazz” sequence or the Irish are the blacks of Europe speech.

Dream role:
probably Outspan or Derek?


Opinion on it:
it’s not one of my favourites but I do like it a lot. Probably one of the few people who prefers the film to the 25th though, but still. I’ve not seen it on stage yet but I’ve been meaning to for like three years.

Favourite song:
probably why have you brought us here, all i ask of you or think of me.

Favourite scene:
masquerade is always gorgeous.

Dream role:
RAOUL. no joke.

Sweeney Todd:

Opinion on it:
meh. I’ve only watched the film once, and I was a wee bit tipsy at the time but I found it very forgettable?

Favourite song:
any of the ones that didn’t have Sacha Baron Cohen in them.

Favourite scene:
…I genuinely don’t remember much of the film so I don’t think I’ve got one.

Dream role:
the wee kid that’s in love with the lass, Anthony I think it is?

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i finally found a photo which accurately sums up the two sides of my personality


Send me a musical and I’ll tell you 

Opinion on it:
Favorite song:
Favorite scene:
Dream Role:



it’s not spelled les mizérables so why do y’all fuckers abbreviate it to les miz

I didn’t make this post for explanations I made this post because spelling it with a ‘z’ is wrong



So… I dediced to make a mini iron throne for my mobile phone. A couple of hours, loooots of swords and hot glue

game of phones

drew some dumb superheroes bc I hit 10k with my marvel au/lmbb fic!!!

drew some dumb superheroes bc I hit 10k with my marvel au/lmbb fic!!!

young avengers legacies & their namesakes/predecessors

i just found out about sodding cumberbatch being cast as Turing and out of stupid hopeful curiosity i checked out the wiki for it and

not only have they cast a straight, ableist, transphobic actor but it looks suspiciously like they’re going to make Turing straight and i’m

i genuinely feel like crying ugh

"If corpses haven’t shown up on either the surface or in the underworld, then there’s a high chance that the children are still alive. Does that mean… we’ve got no choice but to examine ths circus firsthand?

nickisthefury replied to your post “today I cut my hand open on a vacuum cleaner. wish I was kidding.”

oh, honey….if it helps, I held toilet paper on my finger for 20 minutes because I couldn’t find a band-aid last week

yeah, that makes me feel a little better. I’m still sitting here with a plaster on my hoover induced war wound because it really freaking hurts.

today I cut my hand open on a vacuum cleaner.

wish I was kidding.